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Keepmycare began in 2012 with a belief for people to live with optimal health. Our mission is to make your body the best it can be by providing potent, vitamin and mineral supplements that combine the very best of nature with the latest in nutritional science. “Care for eternity” is our business philosophy, so we select premium ingredients that you can be confident you are choosing innovative, quality health solutions with us.

Keepmycare’ operations include product innovation and formulation, sourcing of the highest quality ingredients, quality programs to ensure compliance with standards of good manufacturing practice and the marketing, sales and distribution of products to customers and consumers.

madein australia

Keepmycare is a health product brand established in Australia and based in Australia, with a world-class centre for quality, manufacturing and research. Keepmycare has been helping millions of people over the world to improve and maintain their health.

why choose us?

As one of Australia’s most comprehensive quality health supplements, keepmycare offer a wide range of health products, from vitamins to weight loss support. Every keepmycare product is based on knowledge – from the latest scientific research and nutritional studies to thousands of years of traditional and indigenous medicine.keepmycare also drive innovation and new trends. We were the first  to launch Kangaroo Essence for men’s performance, and Cod liver Oil for comprehensive health benefits. You can also be confident we will launch more products to improve your health in the future.  Every Keepmycare product goes through vigorous multiple-phase quality testing, from the raw ingredient, to manufacturing, and finished product. You can trust and look forward.